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Natural Botanical Bälms, Facial Oils, Body Būtter, & More

“I like my products like I like my people: non-toxic.”


Essential Face & Neck Serum

Take control of your wellbeing with our organic, all natural and

innovative Hemp Seed Oil products.

No chemicals or unnatural additives in any of our products.

Mega Bälm by Ladybūd


La Canada, CA

Wow! My Chiropractor  used your balm on my ankle this morning with an amazing result! At the end of July I had a bone chip and some arthritic "crud" that had been floating around removed. Recovery has been slow and I'm now realizing that the arthritis is here to stay. I've experimented with a couple of CBD balms and they helped a little, but nothing like your balm! I just ordered the 1 oz. size and can't wait to be able to apply it at home. Thanks for your research and development of what I hope to be relief from at least some of my pain.

Elizabeth B.
Sunland, CA

My husband had shingles several years ago and has residual nerve pain on the side of his neck and has not been able to find pain relief...until Ladybūd! This balm has significantly reduced the pain and for a significant amount of time after application. Thanks Barbara for such a great product!

Charlie C
Eagle Rock, CA

Yesterday, I woke up suddenly with a terrible leg cramp. It was all I could do to get out of bed and stand up. Walking was definately out of the question. Luckily, I had the CBD cream on my nightstand. I applied some of the CBD cream on the effcted area and almost immediately the pain went away! Thank you, Barbara for your amazing product!

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